Month: April 2020

Hotchkiss – Sunday, May 17 (online)

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Dear Members of DANEIS,

We cordially invite you to the initial online DANEIS Parliamentary Debate Tournament on Sunday, May 17, 2020.

This tournament will take place using Zoom. All debaters and judges will need to have access to a computer with an internet connection for the duration of the event. There will be separate Advanced and Novice meetings and a joint meeting for the announcement of awards.

Each school may register up to two four-person teams. Space will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, due to the logistics of arranging an online tournament, with preference given to DANEIS member schools.

There will be no registration fee for this event.

We ask that schools arrange to have a judge for each four-person team entered. Unfortunately, we cannot provide judges. In accordance with DANEIS league rules, student judges will not be permitted to judge advanced debates. Parents judges should not judge the division in which their children are debating. We also ask that any students judging in the novice division be experienced debaters who have competed in DANEIS tournaments at the advanced level. Please be sure to brief your judges thoroughly prior to the tournament.

There will be three rounds of parliamentary debate. Resolutions will be straight. We will follow the standard DANEIS rules and will use the standard score sheets. These rules and scoresheets can be found on the DANEIS website.

This event will take place from 9AM until 1PM EST. Registration will take place before the event. Because of the format of this event, you will not be able to make last-minute changes in the names of students competing. For each student and judge, please provide an email address so they can be assigned to the proper rooms for competition.

Please RSVP no later than May 1 via email to with the number of teams you would like to enter. Early RSVPs are greatly appreciated.


David Conti and Thomas Fisher
Coaches, Hotchkiss Speech & Debate

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Northfield Mount Hermon – Sunday, May 3 (online)

Full Invitation as a PDF
Technical Guidlines
Guidelines and Scoresheets

Dear Colleagues and Members of DANEIS,

You are cordially invited to the 1st Online Northfield Mount Hermon Public Speaking Tournament, to be held on May 3, 2020. It includes three speaking opportunities in this order:

1. Interpretive Reading (mandatory)
2. After-Dinner or Persuasive Speaking (choose one)
3. Impromptu Speaking (mandatory)

Event guidelines are attached and we hope will answer your other questions. A supplemental technology guide is in preparation and will be ready by April 20th. We are delighted to announce that there is no registration fee. There will be no change in 95-point system or judging categories: we will proceed with conventional DANEIS public speaking categories description/guidelines.

Each school is expected to provide at least one judge. You may register one or more speakers with a maximum of six. If you wish to bring more than 4 speakers, we ask that you provide a second judge. To be eligible for team awards, you must register at least four speakers. First, second, and third place awards will be given in each category. Team trophies will also be awarded to first-, second-, and third-place schools. A “best speaker” will also be named. Please read event guidelines carefully. We would ask that all After-Dinner and Persuasive speeches have been created within this academic year. Impromptu speeches must actually be impromptu…please no canned speeches.

Should you have last minute changes to your team, please contact Peter Weis at (413)-325-3299.

Please respond by April 28. We look forward to hosting you online in May.

Flo Auerbach, Society President

Peter Weis, ’78, Advisor to the Debate Society
M.K. Brake, Assistant Coach

Alex Fan
Ellie Flynn
Isabel May
Daniil Ozernyi
Zach Nachlis

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