Invitation as a PDF


Event Guidelines

Dear esteemed Colleagues and Members of DANEIS,

“You are cordially invited by the DANEIS League and the Stoneleigh-Burnham School to a Virtual Public Speaking Tournament, to be held on Sunday, October 4 . [Please note: this is a change from the tentative date of Sept. 27 listed on the schedule.] This World’s qualifying tournament will focus on three public speaking genres. Each school may bring from one to up to six speakers, and each speaker should be prepared to speak in all of the following categories, in this order:

1. Interpretive Reading (all, mandatory)
2. Impromptu (all, mandatory)
3. After-Dinner or Persuasive Speaking (each competitor chooses one) . . . ”

Thus begins the official invitation attached, along with an event schedule, Event Guidelines with Technical Guidelines for the SBS Public Speaking Tournament.

Please read through the material and write to me if you have further questions. (

We hope you can join us for this opening virtual speaking event!

Best regards,
Karen Suchenski

Dearest Colleagues,

I want to ensure that our SBS tournament invitation reflects agenda items discussed at our DANEIS fall coaches’ meeting yesterday.

While the date of Oct. 4 is secure for the SBS tournament, the time frame has shifted to an earlier ET starting time –9:30 a.m.–so that the proceedings of our tournament are accessible to any students who are Zooming in from parts of Asia.

We will begin the tournament promptly at 9:30 a.m.ET and ask that everyone does a connectivity check well before that.

Also, no student competition material delivered earlier in 2020 (or earlier) is eligible for reuse in this competition.

Please know that I will send an updated and enhanced technical guide along, once I liberally cull the invaluable hosting material fashioned by Stewart Thomsen for his recent successful debate tournament.

Thank you and may wind be at your backs as we launch this new school year.

Best regards,